We're Back Open Post Hurricane Harvey and

We're Port A Strong

Year after year since 1995, our candy, caramel and creamy fudge have kept customers coming back for more. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, Winton’s Candy is proud to bring you tasty treats and good old fashioned customer service. Long after vacations are over,  first time customers return for repeat visits and even order online to get a taste of Port A sent straight to their home.

Hurricane Harvey

On August 25th 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Port Aransas as a Category 4 and caused tremendous devastation to our community, its people, and the many businesses that help make Port Aransas a world-class destination for tourist and locals alike.

Months It Took Us To Rebuild

We're Open


We’re rebuilt and we officially reopened on October 27th.

Thank you again to all our hard working employees, volunteers and family that helped us clean up and get the store ready.

Please continue to keep our community and businesses in your prayers as they are working hard to reopen and rebuild! #PortAStrong


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Harvey Couldn't Hold Us Down


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601 S Alister Street
Port Aransas, TX 78373

Monday • 9:00 – 9:00
Tuesday • 9:00 – 9:00
Wednesday • 9:00 – 9:00
Thursday • 9:00 – 9:00
Friday • 9:00 – 9:00
Saturday • 9:00 – 9:00
Sunday • 9:00 – 9:00

(361) 749-4773

If you can’t make it to the island or need to reach us, you can drop us a line here or if you prefer you can call us at (361) 749-4773.


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